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七年级英语下册Module 4 nit 7 Poems(Grammmar, Listening and Speak up)

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《Colourful life》Unit 7 Poems(Grammmar, Listening and Speak up)
Grammar A

Read the floowing sentences and tell their meanings.
Open the door,Daisy.
Don't open the door,Daisy.
Let's make a million smiles.
Be quiet,girls.
Don't be late again!
When do we use these sentences?
We use these sentences to give orders or advice.
Know about the imperatives
We use imperatives to give orders or advice.There are positive and nnegative imperatives.
Open the door,Daisy.
Don't opem the door,Daisy.
Let's make million animals
Things toremember
We can use please in imperatives.
It is more polite.
Please turn off your phone.
Turn off phone please.
We need to add be before adjectives whn use them as imperatives.
Be quiet,girl.
Don't be late again.
Work out the rule
We use the base form of a verb in a (positive/negative) imperative.
In a (positive/negative) imperative,we use don't before the base form of the verb.


 祈使句句式   肯定形式   否定形式
 P型:Please+动词原形+其他  Please sit down!   Please don't throw it like that.
 V型:动词原形+其他  Put away your things.  Don't open the window.
 L型:Let+宾语+动词原形+其他  Let me help you.  Don't let him go there.或Let him not go there.
 B型:Be+表语  Be careful!  Don't be late for class
 N型:No+名词/动名词(全部大写)    NO,PHOTOS!
bring   close   cat   sleep   speak louder   turn to
1 Bill is eating in class.
Don't eat in class,Bill.
2 Rose left the dooe open on a windy say.
Close the door,Rose.
3 Jane is answering a question in a low voice.
Speak louder,Jane.
4 James is sleeping at his desk.
Don't sleep in class,James.
5 Steven is looking at page 47.He should look at page 74.
Turn to page 74,Steven.
6 Maryy brought her per mouse to school.
Don't bring pets to school,Mary.

Grammar B
Use exclamations to show strong feelings or for emphasis!
Read and think
Here are a few sentences to show the feelings.
The flowers are so beautiful.
The weather is bad.
We are lucky.
Time passes quickly.
The stars are beautiful.
Learn to use exclamations
Sometimes we say sentences with emphasis and strong feelings.These sentences are called exclamations.
This is how we make an exclamation:
It is beautiful flower.
They are beautiful flowers.
What a eautiful flower it is!
beautiful flowers they are!
The flowers is beautful.
The flowers are beautiful.
How beautiful the flower is!
the flowers are!
Here are a few more examples of exclamations.They can enhence the feelings of the original sentences.
What an interesting poem it is!
What beautiful flowers they are!
What bad weather it is!
How lucky we are!
How quickly the time passed!
How bright the stars are!
More about exclamations
We can use a word or phrase as an exclamation,such as Oh no!or Lovely!We can also a word or phrase with what or how to show strong feelings.
They are the shortened forms of exclamations.
What an interesting poem!        How lucky!
What beautiful flowers!          How fast!
What bad weather!                How bright!

三 What、How的判断方法
如(  )beautiful flowers!
What a lovely day!
What a lovely day it is!
What beautiful flowers!
What beautiful flowers they are!
What important news it is!
How fast!
How fast it goes!
How beautiful the flowers are!
How fast the boat is!
How naughty a boy your brother is!

四 练习
What wonderful ideas we have!
What cold weather it is!
How cold the weather is!

He is a very honest boy.他是一个诚实的孩子。
Li Lei works very hard.李雷学习很刻苦。
如:He is (what) a very honest boy.
Li Lei works (how) very hard.
What a very honest boy he is!
How very hard Li Lei works!
What an honest boy he is!
How hard Li Lei works!
1.The classroom is clean.
2.The elephant is very heavy.
3.She is a happy girl.
1.It is quite a nice present!
What a nice present!
2.We have fine weather today.
What fien weather we have today!
3.It's sunny today.
What a sunny day it is today!
In pairs,check each other's answer to exercises B1 and B2 on page 96.
B1 Review the entences below using exclamations with what or how.
1 You are wearing an old shirt.
What an old shirt you are wearing!
2 The boys are very excited.
How excited the boys are!
3 They are friendly people.
What friendly people they are!/How friendly they (those people) are!
4 She studies very hard.
How hard she studies!
B2 Lisa and Bob are talking about their friends.Complete their conversation with the exclamations from the box.
Oh no!       How wonderful!         What a lovely baby!
Lisa:Tom won the first prize in the peech competition.
Bob:_________ He must be very happy.
Lisa:Yes,But Jeff hurt his leg when he played basketball.
Bob:________________ How is he feeling now?
Lisa:He's feeling better.By the way,our Maths teacher bad a baby last      month.Look,here's a picture.
Before you listen
A Do you know the meaning of these words?match the words with the faces below.
angry     bored      excited     sad
B Listen to four short poems.How does the boy/girl feel in each of the poems?
Choose one of four words from A for each poem.
Work in group of six.Each student in a group should read a part of the poem as instructed.Now read this poem loud in your group.

Two frightening things
Two frightening things are in a house.
One's a man.
One's a mouse.
Squeak squeak!
I heard a noise!I know,I'm sure.
I've heard that noise three times before.
Boom boom.
What's that?It's coming near.
I hope it doesn't find me here.
Squeak squeak!
That noise again.Oh,where's my dad?
I know that noise is something bad!
Boom boom!
The monster's here!This isn't fun.
Now's the time for me to RUN!
And then the mouse and the man meet.
The mouse jumps on the man's feet!
A mouse!
A man!
Two frightened things run form the house.
One's a man.
One's a mouse.

Activities about the poems
Here are some activities to help you understand the poems better.
Choose one to show your understanding of the poems in this unit.
Activity list
My dad
The old newspaper seller
Two frightening things
Helping hands
What to do:
Find the students with the same interest to form a group to finish one activity from the list.
Have a discussion about how you are going to finish the activity.
Give a presentation of your group's activity.







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