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八年级英语上册Unit 10《If you go to the party,you'll have a great time!》(Section B Period 2)

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《If you go to the party,you'll have a great time!》(Section B Period 1)
What's your biggest worries?
a lot of homework
lose my wallet
have on friends

2a What kinds of things do you worry about?Who do you susally go to for help?
schoolwork      friends
lost wallet
2b Look at the statements below and then read the passage quickly.Which statement expresses the main idea of the passage?
a.If people have problems,they should get advice formm an expet.
b.If people have problems,they should take to other people.
c.If people have problems,they should try to keep them to themselves.
2c Read the passage again and answer the questions.Discuss your answers with a partner.
1.What is the worst thing to do if you have a problem?
The worst thing to do if you have a problem is to do nothing.
2.Why didn't Laura want to tell her parents about her lost wallet?
She ws afraid they would be angry.
3.What is the first thing you should do when you want to solve a problem?
The first stop is to find someone we trust to talk to.
4.Why can our parents give us good advice about our problems?
our parents can give us good advice about our problems because they have more experience than us,and are always there help su.
Students these days often have a lot of worries.Sometimes they have problems with their schoolwork,and sometimes with their friends.what can they do about this?Some people believe the worst thing is to do nothingg.Laura Mills,a teenager from London,agrees.
“Problems and worries are normal in life,”says Laura.“But think talking to someone helps a lot .Unless we talk to someone,we'll certainly feel worse.Laura once lost her wallet,and worried for days.She was afraid to tell her parents about it.She even walked three miles to school each day because she didn't have any money.She just kept thinking,”“If I tell my parents,they'll be angry!”In the end,she talked to her parents and they were really
understanding.Her dad said he sometimes made careless mistakes himself.They got her a new wallet and asked her to be more careful.“I will always remember to share my problems in the suture!”Laura says.
Robert Hunt advises students about common problems.“It is best not to run away from our problems.We should always try to solve them.”He thinks the first step is to find someione you trust to talk to.This person doesn't need to be an expert like himself.Students offen forget that their parents have more experience,and are always there to help them.In English,we say that sharing a problem is like cutting it in half.So you're halfway to solving a problem just by talking to someone about it!
Language points
1.keep……to oneself 保守秘密
Don't keep the news to yourself.Let's all share it.
I'll tell you only if you promise to keep it to yourself.
2.Unless conj.除非;如果不
She will keep on singing unless she is told to stop.
The concert will be held as schedule unless there is a typhoon.=The concert will be held as schedule if there is not a typhoon.
用if或unless 填空
1.(If) he wants to see me,you can tell him to wait.
2.(If)it sonows tomorrow,we'll have a day or teo off.
3.We won't go to his party (unless)he invites us.
4.She is sure to pass the examination (unless)she is ill.
You will achieve nothing (  )you work hard.
A.if   B.unless  C.when    D.that
【解析】考查连词的用法。根据You will achieve nothing“你什么都做不成”和you work hard.“你努力工作”,可知二者是表条件的假设关系,枚答案选B,意为“除非”,与if……not同义。
You may easily lose your way in Shanghai(   )you don't have a map or a guide.
A.until    B.unless    C.though      D.if
I won't take part in Julie's birthday party(   )I am invited.
A.unless   B.after    C.because     D.if
3.be afraid to do sth.害怕干某事
I'm afraid to speal in front of other people.
be afraid of sth.害怕某事
He told me mot to be afraid of difficulties.
be afrad+that从句
I'm afraid that I can't finish on thime.
1.她不害怕在公共场合说英语。(be afraid,in public)
She isn't afraid to speak English in public
I'm afraid I cannot leave now because I haven't finished my projeat.
He  si(  )dogs,so he never keeps any of them at home.
A.intersted in       B.afraid of    C.worried about
【解析】B。be afraid of一般表示害怕某事的发生,内心带有某种程度的恐惧,人心理上极不愿意或担心某事的发生。分析比较4个选项,故正确答案为B。
4.angry adj.发怒的;生气的
we were angry with him for keeping us waiting.
be angry with后只能接表示人的名词或代词,表示“生(某人的)气”,其后还可以带一个for构成的短语来说明生气的原因。例如:
He was nagry with himself for breaking the glass.
be angry at则表示“因……而恼怒、生气”,at后只能接表示事物的名词或从句。
He is angry at your answer.
I was very angry at what he said.
be angry about的用法大致与be angry at相同,两者可替换。
Your father is angry about/at you staying out so late.
1.Mother (was angry at/about)you words last night.
2.You father(is angry with)you for failing in the exam.
3.Your mother (is angry at/about)your staying out as late.
4.Mr.Smith,the old maths teacher,(was angry with)me because I talked so much in the slass.
Don't be angry (  C )your little brother.He is only four your years old.
A.to   B.in   C.with    D.about
Mom was angry at what she said.
5.in the end 最后;终于
He married the nice in the end /at lasy/finally.
in the end的同义词有at last还有finally。
In the end ,he decided to send the sick child to hospital.(对划线部分进行同义替换)
A.at once    B.At last   C.At first
by the end of 到……线束时;到……时为止
We must complete the task by the end of thr year.
at the end of 在……末端;到……尽头。
The school is at the end of the street.
We'll have an English exam at the end of January.
6.careless adj.粗心的;不小心的
The boy is very careless.
It was careless of you to leave the door unlocked.
He is more caredul than me.
He always makes a lot of mistakes,so he is a (  )boy.
Paul isn't as (  )as Sandy.He often makes mistakes in his homework.
A.careless     B.more careful     C.more careless    D.careful
7.advise v.劝告;建议
I advise waiting till the right time.
I advise him not to sleep late every day .
My English teacher advises me to speak English as often as possibe.
They advised her against marrying quickly.
3.advise sb.against doing sth.劝某人不要做某事。
Give me some advice about how to learn English well.
Linda often advises Alan(   )(watch)CCTV news every day.
答案:to watch
点拨:advise sb.to do sth.建议某人干某事。
2d Fill the blanks with the phrases in the box.
an expert like
tell her parents
unless you talk
run away from
talk to someone
share her problems
to do nothing
Students oftrn have a lot of problens and worries.Laura Mills thinks the worst thing is (to do nothing).She thinks you'll feel worse if you don't(talk to someone)about your problems.
Laura remembers that she once lost her wallet and was afraid to(tell her parents) about it.Now she believes you cannot feel better(unless you talk)to someone.She says she will always (share her problems)in the future.Robert Hunt agrees with Laura.He thinks you should not(run away from)your problems,but you should try to solve them.If you cannot talk to(discuss your problems)Robert,you can discuss your problems with your parents because they have a lot of experience.
2e Ask three students the following questions.Take notes of their answers.
1.What problems do you have with schoolwork?
2.Who do you talk to about these problems and why?
3.Who else can you get advice from?
4.Do you always tell your parents about your problems?Why or why not?
5.Do you every give advise to your friends about their problems?What advice so you give?
Self Check
1.Fill in the blanks with the words in the box
1.If my family tracels to a new country this summer,I'll send you a letter about my (experiece).
2.Will you watch the (video)with me if you're free this weekend?
3.If the (teenagers)stay out too late,their parents will worry about them.
4.I'll go to the (meeting)if it ends by 5:00p.m.
2 Complete the conversation with the words in the box.Some words are used more than once.
if   are   will    fight   want   sorry   going
A:Hi,Sally.( Are )you ( going )to the party tomorrow?
B:I ( want )to,but I can't.
A:Oh!But ( if )you don't go to the party you ( will )
miss all the fun!
B:I Know,but I got into a ( fight)with my parents.
A:Hmm……then you should just sat ( aorry )to your parents.
B:I guess you're right.I( will )talk to them tonight.
3 Use your imagination!What will you do if……
1.it rains all weeked?
2.There's an English test tomorrow?
3.your cousin decides to come and visit from another town?

It's your turn!
Fill in the blanks accrding to the Chinses.
If we don't protect the pandas,soon there will be on more pandas in the sorld.
If it rains tomorrow,we will not got to the park.
If you read English every day,you can speak it well.
If snakes see people,they will run away.
You can stay to dinner if you like.
Translate the sentences into Chinese.
If I'm free tomorrow,I will go to my grandma's.
I study hard,I will be able to catch up with my classmates.
If I make lost money,I will travel around the world.
If you don't come ,we'll ask Li Lei instead.
If you are late for class,you should say sorry to your teacher.
假如你有很多钱,你会做些什么?请以If I have lots of money……为题写一篇70词左右的短文。
If have kots of money……
If I have lots of money,I ill build a big house for my parents to live in.I hope that they can live a happy life.I will also plant more trees and flowers around the house.I will trvel around the world,too.I will give money  to schools and sharities to help the people in trouble.In a word,if I have lots of money,I will do mony meaningful things.





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