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七年级英语上册Module 8 Unit 3《Language in use》

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七年级英语上册Module 8 Unit 3《Language in use》

Students read and translate these sentences.
Daming always gets birthday presents!
She often goes to the cinema.
What do you usually do at a Chinese birthday party?
We sometimes give birthday cards.
My mother never makes a birthday cake.
I will never forget the first time I met you.
We often go there.
Mary always help others.
She is sometimes very busy.
Li Ping is always late for school.
Li Ping is never late for school.
Li Ping is not always late for school.
The boy is always asking for money.
He is always thinking of others.
She is always asking silly questions.
2.usually 意为“通常”,表示习惯性动作或状态,很少例外。如:
We usually go to school at seven in the morning.
My mother and I usualy go shopping on Sundays.
3.often 意为“经常,时常”,表示反复性动作或状态,中间有尖端。其反义词是seldom,意为“很少,不常”。often 在句尾时常被very或quite修饰。如:
They boys often eat noodles and the girls sometimes eat them.
I often chant with my friends under the big tree.
He writes to his friends quite often.
4.sometimes 意为“有时”,表示动作偶尔发生,间隔较长。其位置比较灵活,放在句首。句中,句末都可,如:
Sometimes we go to he cinema and at other times we go for a walk.
I sometimes watch TV in the evening.
My father has lunch in the factory sometimes.
5.seldom 意为“很少,不常”,表示否定意义。如:
The little girl seldom goes out.
He seldom gives his wife a present,does he?
6.never 意为“从来不,从来没事”也表示否定意义,它表示从未发生的动作或情况,没有例外。如:
The boys never eat chocolate and the girls seldom eat it.
Better late than never.【谚语】
另外,once a year(每年一次),twice a week (每周两次),three times a day(一天三次),every Saturday afternoon(每星期六下午)等,这些时间状语也表示频率,它们可以和频度副词用在同一个句子中,表达上没有重复。如:
We usually go to the cinema four times a month.
四,对这些频度副词提问时,用how often,表示“多久一次”的意思。如:
I write to my brother sometimes.
→How often do you write to your brother?
I watch TV every Sunday evening.
→How often do you watch TV?
How often goes out for a walk after supper.
→How often does he go out for a walk after supper?
Andy feeds the little cat three times a day.
→How often does Andy feed the little cat?
Rewrite the sentence with the words in brackets.
1.I go to the cinema.(often)
I often go to the cinema.
2.He plays football on Saturday.(usually)
He usually plays football on Satuday.
3.I am at home at night.(always)
I am always at home at night.
4.She gets up at 7:00 am.(always)
She always gets up at 7:00 am.
5.They eat chocolate at home.(never)
They never eat chocolate at home.
Rewrite the following sentences.
1.My father always watches TV in the evening.(改为否定句)
My father (never watches TV)in the evening.
2.Mr Zhang often comes late to the meeting.(改为同义句)
Mr Zhang is (often late for)the meeting.
3.The twins (never) go to the Internet bar.(对括号部分提问)
(How often do)the twins go to the Internet bar?
4.We have art lessons (twice a week).(对括号内提问)
(How often)do you have art lessons?
5.-How often do you play basketball?(根据汉语提示回答问题)
-(Every other week.)(隔周一次)
Complete the sentences with Would you like of Let's
eg:(Would you like )to go to the playground and play football?
1.(Would you like)to go to the football match?
2.(Let's)go to a taijiquan class.
3.(Let's)stay at home.
4.(Would you like )to go to the cinema?It's Jackie Chan.
5.(Would you like)to watch TV?
6.(Let's)play basketball.
Read the eamils and check the true sentences.
Dear all,
My birthday party is at four o'clock on Saturday evening at my house.Would you like to coma?
Thanks.I'd like to come.See you soon.
It's great to hear from you Mike,but I'm afraid I can't come.I always watch my little sister play football on Saturday afternoon.
Around the world:Birthday presents
In the UK and the US,people often give candy to children as birthday presents.They also give toys or clothes.The children always open their presents immediately(立即,马上).
Planning a classmate's birthday party
Work in pairs.Ask and answer questions about each other's birthday party.
When is your bithday?
Do you always have a birthday party?
What do yo usually do at your birthday party?
A)Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.
sing present choose  send magazine
1.I get many (presents)on my birthday.
2.My friend often (sends)emails to me.
3.Li Yuchun and Jay Chou are my favourite (singers).I like them very much.
4.There are a lot of(magazine)in the library.
5.I would like (to choose)a novel for my brother.
B)Choose the right answers
1.I get (A)CD from my friend.I like( ).
A a;it   B sn;its    C the;its   D /;it
2.My father doesn't like sports.He (C)plays football.
A often   B always   C never   D usually
3.This pair of shoes(A)Linda's.It's Mary's.
A isn't   B is   C aren't   D are
4.We never go to school(B)Sunday morning.
A in  B on   C at   D to
5.Mrs Brown like reading (C)Mr Brown likes drawing.
A /  B so   C but  D or
6.My friends often (D) films( ).
A make;on television
B look;on television
C play;at the cinema
D watch;at the cinema
C)Translate these sentences.
I know the news(on TV).
They don't often (go to the cinema).
My parents don't (go to the concert)on Sunday.
My sister often buys (expensive clothes).
Their birthday presents are (a pair of shoes)and (a skill scarf).
D)Complete the passage
Today is the 5th of Match.It's my (birthday).I get a lot of (presents)from my friends and family.They are in nice (boxes).My father gives me a yellow box and there is a (book)in it.Because I likereading.Jack,one of my friends,gives me a big box.What's in it?It's a box of (chocolates).I like eating them.My sister gives me a round box.I think it's a big cake,but it is a (football).I like playing football very much,so I'm (happy)to have it.My uncle gives me a pair of (shoes),and my anut gives me a silk shirt.My mother buys CDs for me.I like them very much.
Now my friends are (singing)the song "Happy Birthday to you"to me.






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